Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston


Patient Satisfaction Survey

We are interested in gaining insight regarding your experience at the Foot and Ankle Center of North Houston during your recent office visits and treatment. Our desire is to improve upon the quality of care that we are providing patients with foot and ankle problems.
Thank you for your time completing this questionnaire.

1. Was the phone answered promptly when you made your appointment? *
2. Was there timely availability for your appointment? *
3. Was the office staff courteous and helpful? *
4. Was the medical assistant knowledgeable and professional? *
5. Length of time waiting to see the physician in the office? *
6. Was the explanation of your specific foot and/or ankle problem explained well and understandable? *
7. Were the technical skills of the doctor you saw thorough, careful and competent? *
8. Was the personal manner of the doctor respectful, courteous, sensitive, and friendly? *
9. Overall, were you satisfied with the care and service you received at our office? *