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Running Shoes and your Feet - Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston

Running shoes are not created equal. And this goes beyond its shape, size or color. Using the right type of running shoe can go long way in improving your performance and preventing foot injury. The key to maximizing the health benefits of running is to use the right equipment. And when it comes to running equipment there is nothing more essential than running shoes.

Determining your Foot Type

  • Determining your foot type is essential when shopping for the right type of running shoe that can enhance your performance and protect you against injuries.
  • Closely inspect shoe wear. Its location can indicate foot type. People with flat foot have wear located at the inner side of the shoes. High arch have wear on the outside or the shoes and those with neutral foot have evenly worn out shoes.
  • Wet test – soak your feet and place it over a piece of paper. Observe the outline or foot impression left.
  • Ask your local shoe outlet if they have foot specialist that can identify your foot type.
  • Visit a podiatrist for help. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are podiatrists  who can help identify your foot type and give you advice on which running shoes works best for you.

Types of Running Shoes

Choosing your personal pair of running shoes can be a daunting task especially with the wide selection of running shoes that come in all shapes and sizes available today. While most of us would base our decision on aesthetic appeal, smarter runners incorporate form and functionality into the mix.

Trail Running Shoes

Trail shoes offers a mix of traction, stability and toughness for running on less than ideal running surfaces. These are often used during wet weather conditions or off-road.

Stability Running Shoes

Ideal doe people with neutral feet that only require shoes with shock absorbing qualities, extra foot support and durable.

Motion Control Shoes

This type of shoe limits or controls over-pronation. This is recommended for people with flat foot.

Minimal and Barefoot Running Shoes

Easy to recognize, minimal and barefoot running shoes is an alternative for highly built running shoes. It provides minimal cushioning abilities and promotes optimum contact between your feet and the ground.

Foot pain when running can indicate injury. This should not be taken lightly and should be immediately rested to prevent further injury.    

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