Six Painful Problems of High-Heels Shoes - Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston

Women and high heels, this is something men may never understand. Women love high heels for several reasons. This is because women feel more confident because high heels make them look taller, have longer, thinner legs. But all is not roses as wearing high heels could also have its downside.

Wearing high heels is just one of the common causes of foot injuries. To learn more about the possible causes of foot injuries, consult a podiatrist. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are podiatrists who specialize in helping people with foot disorders.

What are the problems associated with wearing high heels?

  1. Heels limit the movement of ankle joints. Our ankle joint is used for walking, and because of its location, a lot of weight is put on them. It is important that we keep our ankle joint as healthy as possible to ensure that we will not have problems when walking or running.
  2. Achilles tendon, which is the main tendon in your ankle, becomes at high risk for injury. According to studies, wearing high-heels often will cause Achilles tendon and calf muscle to become stiff and short. This will cause problems even if you wear shoes without heels.
  3. It may cause or worsen existing foot problems such as hammertoe, corns, bunions, plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma by putting heavy pressure on the ball of the foot or through forcing the toes inside a small toe box.
  4. Wearing of high-heels does not just negatively affect the feet but it can affect your knees as well. It causes your knees to become bent all the time and to bend inward slightly as well. It further increases the stress on your knees by limiting the natural movement while walking.
  5. Osteoarthritis can be a problem later in life too from constant walking with high-heels.
  6. It can cause your back to move out from its natural alignment. Wearing of high-heels often will make changes on the ability of your spine to absorb shock and may cause back pain. It will result to the over usage of your back muscles and will also compress the vertebrae at your lower back.

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