Foot Problems and Pregnancy - Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston

Pregnancy brings many physical changes to a woman’s body. Foot conditions associated with pregnancy are largely due to hormonal changes and the weight of the growing baby. 

Flat feet and swelling usually disappears after pregnancy. But if these persists after pregnancy, a visit to a podiatrist is advised. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are podiatrists who specialize in helping people with foot disorders. 

Flat Feet

Hormones are responsible for stimulating and regulating body activities. Some hormones are even responsible for helping the different muscles and ligaments to relax. One of the changes that occur during pregnancy is the change in hormone levels. Some of these hormones can also relax ligaments and muscles in your feet which can lead to flat feet. 

When flat foot happens, women may find that their shoes a bit smaller. This is because flat feet causes your feet to increase a size larger. Good news is that the feet returns to its usual size after pregnancy.

 Weight also plays a contributory role in the development of flat feet in pregnant women. This extra weight can place additional stress on the heels and arches. Pregnancy might also cause a shift in the center of gravity interfering how weight is distributed on the feet. 

Foot Swelling

Swelling or edema is the increase of fluid content in the tissues. This can be caused by the increased volume of blood circulating in the body. Increased blood volume is needed to supply additional oxygen and nutrient  requirements for both mother and baby. Swelling is usually located in the legs and feet due to the pull of gravity. 


Avoid standing for long periods of time. Walking helps promote blood circulation and pumps some of the excess fluids away from your feet. Another way is to elevate your feet and let gravity do its work. Increase your water intake and avoid foods with high salt content. Salt promotes liquid retention. Wear compression stockings to prevent liquids from collecting in your feet.

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