School checklist for kids with diabetes


If your child has diabetes, there are a few things to consider when picking out shoes for the school year. The doctors at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are here to support your family during this exciting and sometimes challenging time.  

For patients with diabetes — young and old — one small cut or bruise can develop into something much more serious. There is also a risk for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which is permanent nerve damage that impacts a person’s ability to know if something is hot or cold — or sharp or dull.  

For children, it’s even more important for parents to keep an eye on their feet and act fast if symptoms worsen. Here are some tips: 

Remind your children to keep their shoes on:

Encouraging your child to keep their feet covered is a big step toward teaching safety at an early age. Whether your child is in the classroom, on the bus, or the playground, their feet are at risk for a cut or a bruise. Remember, especially if your child has diabetes, remind them to avoid walking barefoot.

Choose a soft pair of socks:

Select comfortable socks, preferably cotton, to provide plenty of cushion for your child’s feet. This additional cushion helps to limit the impacts of friction, which is the culprit behind worsening wounds such as scrapes or ulcers.  

Skip the pain and choose the right size:

With cushioned socks, growing feet and the need for comfort, avoid buying shoes that leave little wiggle room. We encourage you to have your child try on the pair of shoes and walk around the store for a while before making a purchase. If the shoes are too tight in the store, the discomfort will most likely continue.  

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