Just say ‘No’: 3 ways you are harming your toes


When it comes to healthy feet, you should not ignore taking care of your toes. This care extends far beyond a pedicure. The doctors at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston often see patients with ingrown toenails or fungal infections. We don’t want to step on your toes, but here are a few behaviors that can lead to these conditions.  

Frequently walking barefoot

Without shoes, your feet are missing a layer of protection. Your toes are less protected from an injury, and they are also more likely to be exposed to a fungal infection. Toenails with a fungal infection may look yellowed, thickened or deformed, and they are impacted by the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot. An injured toenail may grow thickened, or form improperly. Don’t leave your toes defenseless; wear a pair of shoes.  

Trimming toenails too closely

You may think an at-home pedicure is simple, but getting clipper-happy can lead to ingrown toenails. Remember, when trimming your toenails, avoid cutting them too short or cutting into the side of your toenails. If your children need to clip their toenails, be sure to encourage them to ask for help. Tearing the nails can also lead to ingrown toenails. 

Squeezing into shoes

Be kind to your toes, and give them space to wiggle, bend, and breathe. People who wear the wrong type of shoes are putting their toes at risk for ingrown toenails as well as calluses and corns. Overall, foot discomfort is another side effect.  

Toes are an important part of your movement each day. If you live in North Houston and realize your toes may need some extra attention, visit us today. Our podiatrists and surgeons are here to help, and we are a board-certified team. You can schedule an appointment for the following locations: Northwest Houston, Northeast Houston, Tomball, Liberty Dayton, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Cleveland, and Livingston. Make an appointment online or give us a call at (281) 444-4114. We commend you for your commitment to healthy feet.