Better with Age: Foot Care for Seniors


You may be getting older, but your best years are still ahead of you! As you age, you can continue to dance, take long walks, go jogging, and do all the physical activities you love; you have to make sure you take care of your feet daily. In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can care for your feet as a senior and continue to do the things you love regularly for years to come.  

Say Goodbye to Heel Pain 

            Do your heels start hurting as soon as your feet touch the floor in the morning? You might be dealing with plantar fasciitis or heel pain. Heel pain is common, but when left untreated, it can inhibit you from participating in physical activities. Your heel pain might be caused by an irregular gait, which you can correct by wearing foot orthotics. Foot orthotics will make walking and running easier and more sustainable for the long term. 

Practice Pretty Feet 

            Are bunions, hammertoes, calluses, or fungal toenails keeping you from going barefoot or wearing open-toed shoes? There’s no reason to get down. You can treat all these conditions and restore your feet by practicing daily care, such as: 

  • Avoiding shoes that cramp your toes - high heels may provide a striking look, but they are the leading cause of bunions and hammertoes

  • Changing your socks frequently in summer to dodge fungus growth

  • Exfoliating feet nightly to soften corns and calluses 

The best way to ensure good foot health in your senior years is to regularly see your local podiatrist. If you’re located in North Houston, visit the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston. Our board-certified podiatrists are ready to help you keep you on your feet for years to come. We’re proud to offer convenient locations in Northwest Houston, Northeast Houston, Tomball, Liberty Dayton, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Cleveland, and Livingston. Make an appointment online or call (281) 444-4114 today.