Foot Safety Tips for Rainy Days


It may be June, but here in Houston, it seems like we’re still experiencing April showers. While we wait for our May flowers, it’s important to remember that rainy days create conditions that could leave us more vulnerable to certain foot injuries. Let’s make the best of these wet summer days by splashing in puddles and having fun. And as we do so, let’s make sure we’re keeping our feet as safe as possible.  

Wear Your Rainboots 

            Whether your rainboots are the classic bright-yellow color or all camouflage print, it’s safest to wear them every time you go out in the rain. Wearing rainboots is important for more reasons than just keeping your feet dry; they keep your feet secure, too. Fresh rain pulls oils out of concrete surfaces, such as the sidewalk. The rubber on rainboots increases your traction and helps you avoid slipping injuries like a twisted ankle or a fractured foot.  

Make Sure They Fit 

            Even though you don’t wear your rainboots most days out of the year, you should still ensure that they fit as well as your everyday shoes. When purchasing rainboots, make sure they:           

  • Don’t have intense friction-points that may cause corns or calluses after prolonged wears

  • Are made completely out of water-resistant material – any material that absorbs water could promote the growth of fungus

  • Provide proper arch support – you may even consider foot orthotics in your rainboots if you spend lots of time walking in the rain 

Bring Your Exercise Indoors 

            Running or exercising outside in the rain isn’t worth the increased risk of a foot injury. If you’re unfamiliar with indoor athletic activities, here are some outdoor activities you can do inside: 

  • Jumping rope

  • Swimming laps at an indoor pool

  • Running on treadmill 

If you don’t like rain, don’t worry too much. They stormy days will be behind us soon, and a true Texas summer will be in full swing. Regardless of the weather, the summer is a great time to form a relationship with your local podiatrist. If you’re located in North Houston, visit the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston. Our board-certified podiatrists are ready to help you do the things you love most this summer. We’re proud to offer convenient locations in Northwest Houston, Northeast Houston, Tomball, Liberty Dayton, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Cleveland and Livingston. Make an appointment online or call (281) 444-4114 today.