Act Fast on Fungal Toenails


When it comes to treating fungal toenails, sooner is always better than later. Fungal toenails can be caused by several different species of fungi. You won’t need to know the name of every type of fungus that causes infection, but you will need to know how to recognize fungal toenails and how to treat them at home to avoid a more serious condition.  

Spotting Fungal Toenails 

            Fungal infections will start at the tip of the toenail but will quickly spread back until it reaches the nailbed. Fungal toenails are not typically painful, so you'll see the signs long before you ever see them. If you have a fungal toenail, you may realize that your toe is: 

  • Discolored and yellowish

  • Thicker than usual

  • Disformed or crumbly 

While these signs are typically associated with fungal toenails, there’s still a possibility that they are indicative of a different condition. Therefore, you should always check with your podiatrist to confirm. 

Treating Fungal Toenails 

            Once you’ve identified your fungal toenails, there are several at-home remedies you can use to stop the infection from spreading further.  

  • Always wear clean socks – fungal toenails thrive in warm, moist areas like dirty socks and shoes. Make sure to put on a clean pair every morning. If you experience excessive sweating throughout the day, don’t hesitate to change your socks as needed.

  • Over-the-counter ointments – apply over-the-counter ointments directly to the infected nail as directed by your podiatrist.

  • Laser fungal removal – This option can only be performed by a professional podiatrist and, while it’s very efficient, it can take over six months to complete the process. In more extreme cases, the toenail may need to be removed entirely. 

No matter where you stand with a fungal toenail, be it the identification stage, removal stage, or prevention stage, our board-certified podiatrists, are ready to work with you today including Northwest Houston, Northeast Houston, Tomball, Liberty Dayton, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Cleveland, and Livingston. Make an appointment today to keep your feet fungus free.