Congenital Foot Deformities Can Be Treated


Congenital foot deformities can affect many babies due to foot deformities that they may be born with. This can occur from trauma during birth, developing irregularities or anything that produces a deformity in the baby’s feet. These congenital deformities may not be very painful, but they can however negatively affect the ability to move or walk normally. Upon delivery, babies are examined as part of their newborn assessment. One such deformity is known as clubfoot, whereby the child’s foot turns inward to look like a golf club. Another congenital disability is known as in-toeing and also involves having their little feet turned inwards. Pediatric heel pain is yet another disability affecting children, and it is unique in that the pain gradually gets worse over time instead of mitigating itself eventually as in adults.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Surgery is often used as a method to help children’s feet overcome any deformity. Surgery is performed while the baby is still under the age of one-year-old so that growth procedures are not negatively impacted. Surgery will generally not be performed until the child is at least six months old so that they can handle the dose of anesthesia in a safe manner. The type of surgery used depends on the severity of the deformity.

  • Casts will also be required to return the baby’s feet to their normal position and hold it there for the long term.

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