Sock it to Me


In podiatry, we often talk about the importance of orthotics and other in-shoe braces that ensure proper fit and support. However, with all this focus on finding the right shoe, it’s easy to forget that choosing the right socks is also very important to our overall foot health. Today we’ll focus on finding socks with good cushioning and effective moisture control.  


                        Some of us spend all day on our feet and need all the shock absorption we can get. Finding socks with proper cushioning not only relieves daily aches and pains but also helps us avoid conditions that are more serious. Reducing impact on high-friction areas is especially important for preventing foot ulcers on patients experiencing diabetic neuropathy. When shopping for cushioned socks, look for the following:

  •  Built-in Cushion – Often found in running and hiking socks but are also ideal for daily wear.

  • Material – Thick fabrics like wool will provide extra cushioning but might be too hot for warmer months. In the summer, switch to acrylic socks. They’re more breathable without completely sacrificing cushion.

 Moisture Control

             Like it or not, everybody’s feet sweat. Although some people experience more sweating than others, it’s crucial to select socks that won’t hold on to excessive moisture throughout the day. Sweaty socks can be more than just smelly and uncomfortable; they can lead to more severe complications like athlete’s foot or other fungal infections. Here are some tips for keeping your feet dry during the day:

  •  Avoid Cotton – Cotton socks are readily available but also act like a sponge to the natural moisture on your feet. Wet skin combined with friction leaves you vulnerable to blisters.

  • Moisture Wicking – Look for socks that are advertised as moisture wicking. Merino wool, a fabric derived from the coats of New Zealand sheep, is especially good at pulling moisture from your feet without trapping it.  

  • Let Your Feet Breathe – No matter what type of sock you buy, it’s never good to leave your feet trapped for too long. If you feel your feet getting too moist, try to get to a comfortable place where you can remove your socks and let them dry.

 Finding the right socks is just another preventative measure you can make on your own to practice good foot health. If you’re still struggling to find cushioned socks that keep your feet dry, you may need to consult a podiatrist. Our board-certified doctors can address your specific needs at our eight Houston-area offices, including Northwest Houston, Northeast Houston, Tomball, Liberty Dayton, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Cleveland, and Livingston. Make an appointment today.