Mend Your Fractured Foot


Fractures involving the foot can be senseless and painful. They can, however, be treated and with time, your foot can mend itself in a manner you may not have thought possible. There are different ways in which your foot can fracture. One such way includes your heel, whereby a fracture can happen after a twist or traumatic accident. Heel fractures significantly reduce mobility. The foot’s joints are supported by muscles and tendons which assist the foot with performing its intended actions. An ankle fracture conversely can happen when bones or ligaments of your ankle break. Your feet may be subject to foot fractures usually occurring after sudden falls or high impact forces. Symptoms include pain, inflammation or bruising, which can be easily seen if your ankle fractures. There are also unintended consequences of foot fractures such as arthritis since the increased pressure on your joints destroys cartilage, especially when bones break around the joints of your feet. Many complications can happen from inaction. You, therefore, must acquire the right treatment at the right time to mend your foot in the best way possible after sustaining a fracture.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • The most important treatment method is surgery as it can fuse broken bones. The bones of your foot can be supplemented with implants or other devices to help keep the structure of your foot in a particular position for healing.  

  • Keep the fractured foot elevated during healing to help ensure quick healing and reduce the amount of swelling.

  • Refrain from putting weight on your feet.

  • Use of a cast will more than likely be required to ensure that your feet heal correctly.

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