Ingrown Toenails Don’t Grow On You


Ingrown toenails generally occur on the large toe of your foot and can cause significant pain and serious infections. It’s safe to say that they won’t bring you any benefits. The pain they cause happens due to the interaction of your toenails digging into the surrounding skin. This causes a significant amount of inflammation that can place a big impediment to your ability to move. Your toe will become sensitive to bearing weight and an infection can thereafter result. Ingrown toenails can cause infections as the nail pierces the surrounding skin and allows for bacteria already residing on your feet to enter the open wound at the sight of the torn skin.

Signs that you have an ingrown toenail:

  • Fever development

  • Severe swelling around your nail

  • Redness surround the nail

Seek treatment and get relief with these methods:

  • Use medications to defeat any infections and to prevent further damage to the torn skin.  This will reduce swelling and may help to prevent the skin from rubbing against the toenail thereby reducing its size.

  • Use special padding to help keep the nail growing in the correct direction and to prevent it from going into the skin.

  • Surgical procedures may also be required and can involve removing some or all of the toenail. In fact, after the toenail is removed, acid may be placed on the exposed nail bed to prevent another ingrown nail from developing. This option may be best if you are prone to chronic ingrown toenails.

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