Ankle Sprains and Your Steadiness


Ankle sprains can ruin your balance if they occur with great frequency. You may experience an ankle sprain in a far worse manner than someone else depending on how your ankle twists since the ligaments that support it can damage in any number of ways. It’s daunting to think, but it can happen with a sudden twist at any time.

From those who play high-intensity sports to those who participate in routine day to day activities, an ankle sprain can occur, especially if you’re walking on an uneven surface. It can happen as your ankle twists beyond its limit, if you land wrong or if you slip on a sleek surface.

With an ankle sprain, the ankle bone does not generally become injured; rather, the ligaments of the ankle become hurt. An inversion ankle sprain is by far the most common type and happens when the foot lands inward and thereafter stretches too far. This type of pain occurs on the outside of the ankle. Another type of common ankle sprain is referred to as the eversion ankle sprain and arises as your foot twists outwards. This produces an inner ligament tear and pain thus occurs on the inside of the ankle. Proper treatment is essential for your sprained ankle.

Caring for your Sprained Ankle

  • Get plenty of rest immediately after the sprain to prevent further injury.

  • Use cold therapy such as ice right after the sprain to prevent further injury.

  • Utilize braces to compress the ankle.

  • Try to elevate your injured ankle so that it rises above your heart to reduce swelling.

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