Sports Injuries Don’t Play Games

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Sports injuries have a nasty effect on the feet due to the force the feet come under when stressed. If your active in sporting activities, whether it be for fun or as a career, it can have a lasting effect on your foot and ankle health. It’s imperative that special support devices are used during sports to both aid in the recovery of sports-related injuries and further minimize lasting damage.

The usual causes that make feet more disposed to sports injuries include trauma, incorrect warm-ups, excessively concentrated trainings, modest footwear and running on bumpy surfaces.  This can lead to the following condition:

Methods of treatment include:

  • Utilize insoles to help offset friction and shock forces placed upon the feet during sporting activities.
  • Wear shoes that fit correctly and which do not squeeze the foot.  Make sure shoes are secure and feet don’t slip and slide inside the shoe.
  • Introduce physical therapy into your daily routine and make sure to stretch properly.
  • Use orthotics in your shoes to redistributing pressure away from painful areas of your feet.
  • Cortisone injections may be helpful with reducing inflammation caused by sporting activities.

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