Don’t Feel Down About Flat Feet


Flat feet transpire when there is a difficulty with regards to the foot’s tendons. Generally, your foot is supposed to touch the surface in a particular way that utilizes the tendons for support. This allows for only a partial area of your sole to be exposed to the ground. However, when your arch collapses, most of the surface area of the sole absorbs the forces of walking and then bears the pressures that can cause significant pain.

The 411 on Flat Feet

Tight fitting shoes can produce flat feet, as can hereditary genes. Kids can develop flat feet or ankle pain. Symptoms of flat feet during adulthood can include tired and sore feet after standing for long periods of time or taking part in sporting activities. Flat feet may or may not cause long-term pain for your feet, but either way, it is not a wise idea to forego treatment.

Treatment Options for Flat Feet

  • Use medicines to decrease swelling.
  • Custom-fitted orthotics can provide needed support, ease discomfort and shock absorption to make walking easier and provide for longer periods of comfort.
  • Physical therapy with a focus on stretching can provide strength to the arch of the foot if it has become weak.
  • Using assistive devices such as specially made boots that can take pressure off of the arch.
  • Surgery could be an option if the tendons that support your feet won’t respond to conservative treatments and your flat foot condition is causing significant pain. This procedure can act to repair or fix any deformities related to flat feet and will diminish soreness and bring back the utility of your foot.

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