Fungal Toenails Overcome Healthy Nails


Fungal toenails are not a feeble occurrence. In fact, the fungi that cause these thrive in warm and moist locations such as pools or locker rooms. When this fungus gets beneath the nail, it can cultivate and harm the flesh below the nail. Injury to the nails can be seen as condensing, disintegrating and a stench emanating from the toenail. If your fungal toenail infection is not treated early on, it can move to other adjacent nails. If containment is not procured in a timely fashion, you will not appreciate the consequences of the symptoms your toenails will feel.

Save your nails with these treatments:

  • You can take antifungal medications to eliminate the fungal infection from the body.
  • Taking these drugs in oral form can be more effective than applying it to the skin directly. Medicated creams may be used if the infection has not become pervasive. The cream can break down the fungus residing on the nail. When used early on, this form of treatment can prevent the need for oral medications.
  • For those looking for a fashionable form of treatment, there is nail polish that you can use that has medicines within it to kill the offending fungus.
  • Surgical procedures may be required in certain situations. The nail may need to be removed in order to completely eradicate the nail fungus. The removal of the nail may be momentary or enduring depending on the harshness of the pain.
  • Laser therapy is another form of treatment that is not nearly as invasive and can be used to destroy the fungus in an efficient manner. Laser waves go through the toenails and destroy the fungus without pain and a long recovery period.

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