Keep Endoscopic Heel Surgery on Your Radar


Endoscopic heel surgery uses a tiny fiber-optic camera that is inserted into the surgical site on the heel to treat significant tension of the plantar fascia. This tension may happen from frequent friction on the plantar fascia which is a tough band attached to the heel bone. This procedure can provide immediate benefits to those patients with constant heel pain.

Other conservative modes of treatment attempt to treat heel problems initially. These include foot support devices like arch supports, orthotics, padding, anti-inflammatories or even physical therapy. When they fail to bring relief, endoscopic heel surgery is used to treat heel pain. 

With this procedure, a tiny incision is made to both sides of the heel where the endoscope is introduced into a small opening and allows for the surgeon to view the swollen plantar fascia on a monitor. The plantar fascia is thereafter lengthened or cut. General anesthesia is usually not required. A benefit of endoscopic heel surgery is that the incision is very small compared to those made with other, more traditional surgeries. Moreover, there is a shorter recovery period and the healing process is lessened with reduced pain.

Recovery time:

  • The recovery period for endoscopic heel surgery can be a matter of a few weeks.
  • The use of supportive devices such as walking boots or braces may be used to provide the necessary support during the initial healing period.

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