Corns on Your Feet Are Not a Treat


Corns tend to develop on the upper portion of your feet and frequently are rounded in form. Corns cause the skin to congeal for defense against unfamiliar stress. Corns can become an issue for your feet if they become infected. This will cause harm to the healthy tissue.

Hard corns frequently happen at the top of the little toes since these sites are where improperly fitting shoes rub the greatest. Soft corns can occur between toes due to sweat in those areas. These types of corns are however very susceptible to becoming infected. It is in your best interest to treat these as soon as possible.

Tips to help minimize corns:

  • Wear shoes that fit properly. This will prevent the friction that causes the skin to harden and cause corns.
  • Place padding in your shoes to soften the interaction between your feet and the shoes you choose to wear.
  • Soak your feet in warm water and thereafter rub them with a pumice stone to shed layers of dead skin. This softens the skin of the corn and thereby allows the dead skin layers to be detached more easily.
  • Corns may need to be surgically removed if they become untreatable via conservative methods of treatment. This will be beneficial in the short-term; however, corns may come back. If there is a deformity, surgery may be required to remedy it to prevent future corn formation.                                                                                           

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