Side Step Arthritis with the Right Shoes


Arthritis of the foot can lead to many problems. But, what if you could mitigate its effects with the right shoes? Let’s first talk about osteoarthritis, which usually causes deterioration of cartilage and spurs on the bottom of the big toe. When this happens, bunions may occur. To accommodate this, shoes that are overly wide may be necessary. Generally, those with arthritis should also avoid tying their shoes too tightly.

Furthermore, rheumatoid arthritis produces swelling of the joints at the ball of the foot. This can cause calluses or ulcers at the ball of the foot and may actually require surgery to recover from. There are also balls of tissue referred to as nodules that develop on the side of the foot, heel or toes. It’s important to understand that the right pair of shoes can give your feet well-needed relief and help with managing feet in a way that combats arthritis. Therefore, it’s best to find the right pair of shoes after trying on different pairs so that you can be sure that they adjust to the mechanics of your feet.

Shoe qualities that help combat arthritis:

  • Wear shoes that are wide and which do not restrict the foot in a severe manner.
  • Utilize running shoes due to their lightweight construction.
  • You can also get custom fitted shoes that work with the exact shape of your feet and which provide cushioning in the areas most prone to arthritis.
  • There are also shoes that do not require laces which may be helpful for those with deformities at the top of the foot.  

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