Diabetic Foot Care Pays Off

When someone is diabetic, it pays to use exceptional foot care. Hence, diabetic foot care is paramount in not only keeping your feet healthy but keeping them from undergoing severe consequences. Diabetes can cause many complications that can induce nerve damage to the feet, which can make it difficult to realize that your foot is cut or susceptible to infections.

Living with diabetes and the complications that it can bring to your feet may not be easy. Unfortunately, diabetics are at a higher risk of having their feet amputated for this reason.  


These risks mandate that diabetics wear the correct types of shoes and exercise care with regard to their feet. It’s not easy to have to remember to take care of your feet when diabetes causes so many problems. But we can help suggest some methods that you can use to keep your feet in great shape!

If you are living with diabetes, follow this advice:

  • Get to the source of the problem is always a great start. Work with your doctor to lower your blood glucose level.
  • Inspect your feet daily for any signs of lacerations, blisters or anything you can feel since you may not be aware of such issues due to the loss of feeling that diabetes can bring.   
  • Wash and dry feet daily to keep them in the best possible condition to fight off infections.
  • Trim toenails carefully and frequently.
  • Keep feet protected in socks or shoes and be very careful with walking barefoot as you may not realize if your feet become injured.
  • Elevate your feet and keep them active to keep blood flowing to them and thus in a better position to fight off potential harm.

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