Ulcers Are Toxic for Your Feet


Ulcers on the feet can become a problem for many, especially for those with compromised immune systems. Ulcers can cause infections and lead to painful situations. Those with diabetes may have an especially harder time dealing with ulcerations on the foot since they can cause open wounds and diabetics may not realize they are occurring due to the lack of sensation in their feet.

The formation of an ulcer can cause:

  • Breaks in the skin of the foot that exposes the tissue below.
  • Numbness in the foot, which is problematic since the foot may not realize it is subject to a wound.
  • Possible amputation.

Treatment for ulcers includes:

  • Removing the infected skin on the foot by a medical professional.
  • Using support devices such as specialized shoes that can help to alleviate the pressure placed on the foot by the ulcer.  
  • Utilizing medications and special creams on the ulcer site to minimize and prevent infection.
  • Participating in targeted physical therapy to help increase blood flow to the feet. If done carefully, this can help to increase the healing ability of the foot.

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