Don’t Bend Your Toes for Bunions


Bunions are a foot condition whereby the big toe moves toward the adjacent toe and produces a bump on the inside of the big toe. This condition causes the forefoot to look wider since the bottom of the big toe now points in the opposite direction from the rest of the foot. The big toe will look reddish and enlarged when irritated by inappropriate footwear, or footwear that does not accommodate the now deformed foot. The bunion actually influences the size of shoes and makes the front look much bigger than usual. When shoes are not adjusted to fit the bunion, they cause unusual amounts of friction on the big toe, which irritates the skin and makes this condition worse.

Factors that increase the chances of developing this condition include wearing high heels, arthritis, suffering a severe trauma to the foot, an imbalance in the length of the legs or hereditary issues. Complications associated with this condition include the formation of blisters or calluses on the bunion and nerve damage in the areas of the bunion.

Treatment for bunions include:

  • Using toe spacers so that the big toe does not come into contact with the toe right next to it, helping to prevent further agitation.
  • Wearing correctly fitting shoes that do not produce excessive pressure on the toes and which have ample space that allows for supportive devices. These shoes should have a removable inner sole that’s wide enough to account for the extra width of toes.
  • In certain situations, surgical procedures may be required. Such a procedure is referred to as a bunionectomy, which would include bone and soft tissue removal in an effort to realign the toes and lessen the eminence of this bump on the big toe.

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