The Links Between Neuropathy of the Feet and Alcohol


Neuropathy of the feet occurs when the peripheral nerves become injured and are generally caused by complications from diabetes. Unfortunately, this condition can also be brought on by excessive alcoholic consumption since the main ingredient in alcohol is ethanol which is poisonous to nerve tissue. As alcohol use becomes frequent over time and is abused without regard for personal safety, symptoms of this condition will include numbness, a sensation in the feet of burning and muscle fatigue, which are also observed in diabetic neuropathy. Once damage to the foot’s nerves occurs, it is permanent. 

Treatment for this condition includes:

•       Reducing or eliminating the use of alcohol to alleviate symptoms of this condition and also to stop the continued damage being caused to the nerves.

•       Enter into rehabilitation programs designed for treatment of alcoholism.

•       Use of pain medications to reduce discomfort caused by the damaged nerves.

•       Physical therapy to help reduce pain from damaged nerves.

•       Utilizing orthotic devices to reduce the pressure applied to the damaged nerves of the feet.

•       Use of electric nerve stimulation can help to reduce pain emitted from the damaged nerves. This is accomplished by placing electrodes on the skin on the area of the foot experiencing numbness. This form of treatment can last for up to five weeks and will help to desensitize the nerves.

•       When nerve degradation has become too severe from alcohol use, the damaged nerve may need to be surgically removed to eliminate pain if the above referenced conservative methods are no longer helpful.

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