Ankle Sprains Can Distress Your Knees

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Ankle Sprains can happen suddenly and without notice. The part about this condition that’s not expected is how other parts of the body are affected, in particular, the knees. In fact, the knee joint is the next joint up from the ankle. The ankle joint is constantly in motion while the knee joint is not as mobile.

However, when an ankle sprain occurs and renders the ankle immobile, inappropriate care of that injury can cause the knee to be more mobile than it generally is. This can cause the knee to become prone to distress, which may lead to knee injuries or discomfort in that region.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Getting plenty of rest.
  • Using ice to relieve inflammation from the sprain.
  • Wrapping the ankle to aid in healing.
  • Elevating the ankle to reduce swelling.
  • Using medications to reduce discomfort.
  • Participating in physical therapy exercises to increase mobility, strength, elasticity and solidity. This can include exercises that promote balance to help the ankle muscles regain their coordination in an effort to prevent a sprain from happening again.
  • Your podiatrist will also assist you with determining the correct time period for returning to sporting activities. Returning too soon to high-intensity activities could compromise the long-term stability of the ankle, which could lead to more sprains and a heavier workload on the knees.
  • When conservative treatment methods are not successful, surgery may be required to repair ligaments in the ankle that are unable to support the ankle.

Ankle pain can be annoying; yet, knee pain resulting from an ankle sprain can be even more distressing. At the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston, located in Northwest Houston (281) 444-4114, Northeast Houston (281) 446-7773, Tomball (281) 351-8866, Liberty Dayton (936) 336-2633, The Woodlands (936) 231-8500 and Atascocita (281) 883-4849, TX, our team can help your ankle to heal in a manner that prevents complications with other parts of the body. So, make an appointment with our offices at any of the numbers provided above.