Hammertoes Don’t Belong on the Runway

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Hammertoes are not only known for being troublesome, but they are generally caused by uncomfortable shoes. It’s not a surprise to learn that professional models frequently develop foot and ankle issues. One such complication is hammertoes, due to the high-heeled shoes they wear. Hammertoes can also result from arthritis, sustained trauma to the toes or through genetic traits. Wearing shoes that are too narrow will cause a tendon imbalance, resulting in the toe bending and eventually remaining in that position. Symptoms of this condition include toes that are swollen and tender.

Treatment for this condition includes:

·         Utilizing padding and orthotic devices. Custom orthotics, in particular, can help to regulate tendon disparity.

·         Changing shoes frequently.

·         Refraining from wearing shoes that are too narrow or that have pointy toe boxes. High heeled shoes are the adversary when it comes to hammertoes since they push toes forward and into sides of shoes.

·         Wearing shoes with roomy toe boxes and that are comfortable. We all know that high fashion doesn’t exactly translate into comfort; however, hammertoes aren’t pretty to look at either.

·         Corticosteroid injections administered by a podiatrist to alleviate pain and swelling.

·         Anti-inflammatories to alleviate discomfort.

·         Surgery and splints to realign the bent hammertoe.

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