Aging Makes Fungal Toenails More Likely


Figures reveal that the elderly suffer in high numbers from Fungal Nails, specifically around 50% have some form of this condition. Moreover, it can be difficult to treat this condition as toenails grow slowly and it is difficult to reach the fungus underneath the nailbed. It is also of note that men are actually three times more likely to acquire toenail fungal infections. Factors that increase the chances of the elderly or anyone for that matter acquiring fungal toenails includes having shoes that are frequently moist (possibly caused by sweat), walking barefoot in damp places or sharing showering areas with others who have already been infected with this condition. The elderly may have a difficult time checking their toenails for infections, so added help by others is paramount in detecting this condition early on.

Treatment for this condition includes:

·         Changing shoes frequently and disinfecting them appropriately to kill fungus.

·         Prescription medicated ointment may be utilized to treat the fungus that causes this condition. This can include special nail polish.

·         Oral medications may be recommended if topical medications are not successful in penetrating the nail.  It can take several months to work by traveling through the blood and destroying the infection thereafter.

·         Laser treatment may be helpful in reaching the fungus underneath the toenail without invasive procedures.

·         Surgical procedures may be required to physically remove the nail bed if it has become unresponsive to all other treatment. Alternatively, chemical removal may also be an option. However, in both instances, medications may still be required after surgery to kill the infection completely.

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