Foot Fractures Require Special Care


Fracture Care of the foot and ankle is of the utmost importance to maintaining long-term foot function and stability. In particular, metatarsal fractures are breaks or cracks to one of the metatarsal bones in the foot and generally occur from frequent pressure applied to the bones or from a sudden twist in the ankle far beyond its range of movement. It’s therefore not a surprise that ballet performers can suffer from this condition in high numbers.

Treatment and care for foot fractures include:

·         Using medications as recommended being careful not to use them outside of the guidelines called for in the directions.

·         Gradually increasing weight bearing on the injured foot making sure not to place too large an amount before the foot can handle it.

·         Utilizing support devices such as braces or crutches to aid in healing.

·         Using ice therapy to reduce inflammation.

·         Elevating the injured foot to reduce swelling.

·         Being careful not to remove casts or splints before being medically cleared to do so. If you desire to bathe, it is important to cover a cast or splint with a plastic cover to ensure that water does not reach underneath it. Allowing the skin of the foot covered by a cast to become wet could lead to skin complications such as itching or other types of irritation. Moreover, do not remove the cast prematurely to scratch the foot since doing so could lead to improper healing or other complications.

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