Congenital Deformities of the Feet Require Care

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Congenital Foot Deformities are deformities that babies are born with and can include flat feet, high arches or tight Achilles tendons. These types of deformities may not ever cause significant problems and many will not realize that they have any issues. However, for those who do experience pain from these types of deformities, it can become severe and problematic.

Types of congenital feet defects and treatment:

·         High Arched Feet put a large amount of weight on the heel and the ball of the foot. This condition may make it hard to find correct fitting shoes and could eventually lead to significant pain. This condition can get worse over time and can cause other conditions such as hammertoes, calluses, and ankle sprains. Treatment for high arched feet may include altering the type of footwear that’s worn or surgery if the arches need to be manually adjusted.

·         Flatfeet are when the arch of the foot is compacted. If a baby is born with this condition and it does not get better with age, it could potentially lead to discomfort and instability. Pain that can be associated with this condition includes pain in the calves and a sensation of burning. Treatment includes wearing properly fitting shoes, losing weight, physical therapy, plenty of rest and surgery in cases where mobility and pain are not reduced with conservative methods.

·         A tight Achilles tendon causes difficulty with moving the top of the foot in the direction of the front of the leg. Treatment for this condition involves physical therapy that includes active stretching or injections of Botox.

Congenital foot defects can be cause for concern in certain instances. It is important to remember however that if a child does require surgical treatment, they usually have to wait until they are between the ages of six to nine months old so that they can accept anesthesia.

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