Diabetic Patients Must Guard Their Feet

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Diabetic patients have a problem that’s unfortunately focused on their feet. Diabetes is already a serious condition that has significant effects on your overall health.  Any minor scuffs on a diabetic’s foot could result in a problem that can produce nerve damage, loss of sensations in your feet, lessened the flow of blood to your feet and unfortunately, amputation. Amputations can ensue since blood flow has become distressed, causing wounds to take longer to heal. When numbness sets in, a wound may occur on your foot and not be observed. It can cause an infection deep into the foot. Also, foot ulcers can progress and become very risky as they go on without being noticed. These ulcers are gaps in the skin of your feet that expose vulnerable tissue underneath. Peripheral vascular disease also causes ulcers due to the problem with blood traveling incorrectly throughout your cardiovascular system. People with diabetics are walking on a minefield without safety equipment and must get the appropriate care and take the proper precautions to make sure they navigate through dangers safely.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Medical treatments are necessary to remove skin from your feet that is infected.

  • Diabetics must use safety protocols to check their overall health and to ensure that their blood sugar levels do not reach a dangerous level.

  • Use practical measures such as watching your blood sugar levels and taking medications that can keep those levels at an acceptable level.

  • Diabetics must check their feet routinely to help their feet stay healthy.

  • Wash your feet daily and avoid hot water from touching your feet as it can cause damage. Nerve damage may limit your ability to feel the harmful effects of hot water.

  • Protect your feet from severe trauma such as heavy impacts as it may be difficult for your feet to heal.

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