Neuropathy Can Burn

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Neuropathy can be a painful condition to deal with on a normal basis. The implication of nerves from an injury can cause unintended levels of intrusion that no one deserves to feel. You should understand that neuropathy is a bunch of disorders in your body that involve your nervous system. It can cause a loss of sensation or unresponsiveness in your foot. Even though this condition sounds hazardous, the threat is increased as treatment is delayed for any reason making routine practices dangerous since a person with this condition may not be able to feel what they are doing and therefore have a delayed response. For these reasons, it is essential that those with neuropathy take the appropriate steps to mitigate any dangerous situations that could result from this symptom.

Moreover, this condition can be brought about by physical trauma such as that seen in accidents or sudden falls. Liquor is also known to have a harmful effect on the nerves of the foot, which can intensify the likelihood of this condition. Those with this condition feel a tender pain, burning, impassiveness and overall tiredness with their feet.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Physical therapy is helpful with this pain.

  • Use medicines to control pain.

  • Nerve stimulation through electronic pulses will help to lower pain by stimulating overacting nerves.

  • Use support devices such as casts or splints for support.

  • Surgery may be required to remove damaged nerves to ensure the reduction of significant pain.

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