Your Feet Can Outrun Cancerous Tumors


If your feet happen to develop cancerous tumors, there are steps you can take to fight it.  Benign foot tumors typically occur on the skin, soft tissue or bone of your foot. Malignant foot tumors are however much more dangerous and may happen due to other infections, inflammation or disturbances.

These more serious forms of tumors may appear as lesions on your feet. Additionally, tumors on your feet may feel to the touch as bumps or lumps. Sun exposure may also contribute to cancerous growth on feet.

Found a lump?  What’s next?

To determine the true nature of lumps on your feet, the cells may need to be sampled and tested. These foot lumps are also referred to as soft tissue masses. An MRI will also be helpful in figuring out if these masses are cancerous. No matter the intention of the tumors on your feet, it is highly recommended that medical treatment is sought immediately to prevent the potential spread of cancerous cells.

Prevention tips:

  • You should feel and visually inspect your feet weekly to observe any abnormal bumps or variations in the skin.

  • A biopsy may be required to determine if the skin abnormality is cancerous. The skin will be cut and tested in this manner.

  • Reduce the amount of time that your feet are exposed to the sun as this may help to negate its harmful effects on your skin.

  • Surgery may be of use to remove the tumor if possible. This can assist with reducing the chances of complications; however, the nature of your skin growth will need to be determined before proceeding with this option.

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