Take the Leap Over Neuropathy


Neuropathy is the damage of nerves that can lead to a lessened amount of feeling in your feet. It can be painful and happens more often in diabetics since the damage the disease does to their blood flow contributes to nerve injury. Neuropathy can occur to those who sustain physical trauma to their feet or the large consumption of alcohol as it can have a damaging effect on the nerves of the foot. The symptoms associated with neuropathy include a lingering pain, sweltering, lack of sensation or fatigue. Nerve pain can be horrendous, and the long-term implications can bring about complications that may be avoided with appropriate treatment.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Have your feet checked on a normal basis for nerve damage from a medical professional. Similarly, check your feet on your own to determine if there are any irregularities.

  • Participate in targeted physical therapy to help increase blood flow and potentially mitigate nerve complications.

  • Use the appropriate medications that may be able to help reduce the amount of pain emitted by the damaged nerves.

  • Nerve stimulation via electronic methods can help to alter the function of damaged nerves. It can be very beneficial to dull the stimulation in overacting nerves, thereby reducing pain.

  • Use support devices to help alleviate pain when nerve function in your foot is impaired by neuropathy.  

  • Surgery can be helpful if nerve pain caused by neuropathy cannot be controlled via conservative methods. In this instance, however, complications can arise if other nerves are damaged when performing this procedure.  

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