Orthotics for High Heels Are the Best Trend


High heels are not the best choice of footwear for your foot health. Orthotics are however a wonderful choice. The problem with high heels is that they put a large amount of pressure on your feet and actually harm your spine due to the imbalance they cause. You may be able to mitigate some pain if you choose to wear a shorter heel.

High heels can cause other complications to your feet such as bunions, corns or even hammertoes. The higher the heel, the more weight you force onto the front part of your foot, causing pain and long-term issues. At the same time this occurs, the back portion of your foot will be under severe pressure. This is where using orthotics comes into the picture!

These foot support devices provide additional padding to the bottom of your feet to give you significant support that is otherwise lost when wearing high heels. A main benefit of orthotics is that they assist with even distribution of pressure on your foot. This can be a big help with countering the negative effects of high heels, especially if you wear them on a regular basis. Additionally, you should try to reduce how long you wear high heels as changing into comfortable shoes on a regular basis can provide immense benefits to the longevity of your feet. 

What orthotics can do for you!

  • Orthotics help to align your feet and ankles and therein have the effect of providing balance. This will help to bring comfort to your whole body.

  • These devices can help to mitigate pain associated with foot deformities.

  • Orthotics will give your feet a functional advantage when wearing high heels that they simply will not have when wearing high heels alone.

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