Reconstruction of Your Foot


Reconstructive foot surgery is a significant surgical technique for your feet and ankles and used in situations where all other conservative treatments are exhausted without success. The reason it is used is that when foot deformities become more predominant, there can be secondary problems that happen and your feet may become severely damaged when conservative treatments are not substantial enough. Foot function will be severely diminished when reconstruction is required.

Factors that are considered when utilizing reconstructive foot surgery include age, the precise complication and the progression of symptoms. Surgical reconstruction includes cutting and repositioning bones, placing the heel bone in its optimal position and using any metal apparatus to aid in diminishing the injury or deformity.

Reconstruction also includes:

  • Lengthening tendons and fusing bones.

  • Significant reconstruction to repair parts of your foot and ankle that have been damaged for many reasons.

  • The potential use of implants to reconstruct the foot to its previous structure prior to undergoing deformities or loss of important functions.

  • Apparatus used in this procedure may be covered with antibiotics in the hopes of fighting off any infections within the foot.

  • This procedure will also be used to increase overall stability as well as bring back as much mobility as possible that may have been lost from an injury. Post-surgery, you may require additional methods used to ensure there are no further infections and proper healing ensues.

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