Don’t Get Burned by Neuropathy


Neuropathy is the damage of your nerves, specifically, the peripheral nerves, which extend through the arms and legs. This as you can imagine causes a reduced sensation in the toes. In addition to the reduced symptoms, the unpredicted nature of neuropathy can cause varying levels of pain. However, diabetes causes reduced blood flow and also damages the nerves. This disease can cause even greater complications when coupled with neuropathy.

Factors that may lead to neuropathy include:

  • Certain chemotherapy drugs

  • Heredity

  • Age

  • Arthritis

  • Prior trauma or injury

If you suffer from neuropathy, your feet may feel a burning sensation, numbness and general discomfort at sporadic times. The significance of neuropathy is noteworthy and underestimating its significance could come at the sacrifice of your feet.

Help is available!

  • Make sure you get your feet regularly checked for injuries.

  • Control your diabetes as it can lead to a reduction in symptoms.

  • Participate in physical therapy and exercise to help ensure that the nerves in your feet stay stimulated and have a better chance of fighting off neuropathy.

  • Take pain medications as it may help to reduce the symptoms associated with nerve damage.

  • Electronic nerve impulses can assist with reducing the nerve signals associated with neuropathy.           

  • Surgery may be required to remove the nerve impacted by neuropathy to make sure that it does not cause any further discomfort.

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