Arthritis and Your Feet

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Arthritis is a condition that damages the joints and causes your ankles and feet to stiffen up. This can have lasting and serious impacts on your feet and ankles as joints join bones and give your body stability and steadiness, allowing you to stand, walk and be mobile.

Arthritis can develop in the big toe, midfoot, hindfoot and ankle. As arthritis develops further, it can harm the cartilage in your foot’s bones. This will cause those bones to hit against each other and produce a grinding sensation due to the lack of a buffer that cartilage provides.

As your cartilage is destroyed by arthritis, joints will become damaged, the pain will be increased and moving in a fast motion can become increasingly difficult. Additionally, there are secondary complications such as bony outgrowths from the foot that are caused by bones rubbing together with friction. Lastly, this whole process can lead to deformities over time, as well as a reduced ability to move.

How to Treatment Arthritis

  • Participate in physical therapy. This can help to loosen up stiffness in your foot’s bones.

  • Take medication as required to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Use foot support devices such as orthotics, braces or shoes that are specially tailored to support your arthritic conditions when your foot and ankle joints are too damaged.

  • Surgical involvement is the last option with arthritis; however, it may be required to replace severely damaged joints with artificial versions.

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