Don’t Sleep on Ulcers


Ulcerations of the foot are not in any way insignificant. They bring terrible consequences to those who neglect their seriousness. We hope to convey that those of you who are diabetics must exercise excellent foot care because developing ulcers could mean the amputation of your foot.

 Ulcers are openings in the skin of your foot that expose the cells below. They can appear on the ball of the foot or under the big toe. These locations can make it very difficult to avoid hitting the ulcers into other objects. When an ulcer becomes infected and goes untreated, it could result in a damaging condition that could require severe operations to prevent from spreading. We want you to do whatever you can to avoid ulcers and hope to see you in the event you do incur these painful foot wounds.

 Important Treatment Methods for Ulcers:

  •  You may be able to remove the infected skin from the ulcer or reduce pressure around the ulcer.

  • Use medications that can help to minimize foot infections.

  • Reduce your weight and sugar intake to lower your risk of developing complications from diabetes on your feet.

  • Minimize alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking.

  • Make sure your feet are kept clean.

  • Minimize the time you spend walking barefoot.

  • Use creams that may be medicated to prevent an infection from becoming worse or spreading to other parts of the foot.

  • Skin grafts are very useful with preventing pathogens from entering the open wound of your foot ulcer.

  • Moreover, oxygen treatment will be useful for increasing the amount of blood flow to your feet. This can help speed up the time it takes for your feet to recover.

  • Severe cases that don’t respond to other treatment methods may require amputation.

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