Calluses Can Nag at Your Foot Health


Calluses can be caused by an underlying toe deformity or through improper care or activities. When calluses require treatment, our team of doctors can help treat this condition. You call and/or visit our great team at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston, located in the following areas of Texas: Northwest Houston (281) 444-4114, Northeast Houston (281) 446-7773, Tomball (281) 351-8866, Liberty Dayton (936) 336-2633, The Woodlands (936) 231-8500 and Atascocita (281) 883-4849

Calluses form because people spend hours on their feet on a daily basis. They appear as little bumps on your feet due to discarded dead skin cells that are formed by friction. This friction can be caused by pressure that’s exerted on your feet from all these hours of walking. Contributing causes are improperly fitting shoes that are too tight, squeeze your foot or that increase pressure. On the other hand, if shoes are too loose, the foot could skim against the inside of the shoe, which creates friction. In order to bring back the normal outline of the skin and reduce pain, they may be shaved to remove dead layers of skin. This shaving procedure must only be accomplished by a medical professional since any number of distractions could cause you to severely injure your feet instead of helping them. Another method of treatment involves the use of Salicylic acid, which is a common biochemical agent, used to reduce thick layers of skin where calluses form when shaving procedures are not ideal for the particular patient’s circumstances. Orthotics or antibiotics will allow for reduction of pressure and the elimination of infections so that the callus can be drained if necessary. Surgical removal of areas where the bones are protruding because of calluses may also help to fix a deformity. Other conditions that can aggravate this condition are toe deformities, high heel shoes that cause an increase in pressure or socks that don’t fit snugly. 

As you can see, you should not hesitate to contact our office an appointment. Our doctors will make sure your calluses don’t nag away at your foot health!