You Have the Power to Fight Neuromas

Neuromas sound foreign, but they can hit close to home as they can produce serious problems in feet. They happen because the outside part of a nerve in your foot eventually numbs. Luckily, our team of, doctors can help treat this condition. You can visit our team at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston, located in the following areas of Texas: Northwest Houston, Northeast Houston, Tomball, Liberty Dayton, The Woodlands and Atascocita.

Un-comfort caused by neuromas can be disrupting. To avoid surgery, other modes of treatment include orthotics or ultrasound. The ball of the foot can be massaged since this action could help to reduce pain. Hot water, followed by rubbing the foot and subsequently treating it with ice can be used to treat neuroma symptoms. Surgery may be required in severe cases to eliminate the neuroma by removing the enlarged nerve. Diabetics must especially be careful because symptoms intensify due to nerve complications.

It’s important to remember that because two bones constantly rub against each other, neuromas generally tend to occur in the space between the last three toes. Symptoms of this condition can be a numb or burning-hot feeling that intensify after walking for an extended period of time or standing in one position for an unusually long amount of time. 

Neuromas can be a real pain and even more serious when not treated correctly. Numbness and burning sensations are inconvenient, but surgery to remove neuromas can lead to complications in diabetics or longer recovery times for those not treated earlier on. Please contact our office online for an appointment or call us as soon as possible if you suspect you may have a neuroma. Our doctors will know how to tailor a specific strategy for your lifestyle to best help you tackle this condition.