Hammertoes Can Hammer You Away

Hammertoes have a way of seriously impacting your life because they can reduce mobility and are unsightly. They occur when there is are a bending of the toe at the initial joint. If this condition is left untreated, it can lead to severe immobility of your feet. Our doctors can help treat this condition and also provide surgery if needed. You can visit our team at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston, located in the following areas of Texas: Northwest Houston, Northeast Houston, Tomball, Liberty Dayton, The Woodlands and Atascocita.

Hammertoes are deformities of the toe and occur with higher frequency in women, about 80 percent, because women tend to wear high heels and narrow shoes that lead to bending in the center of the joint. Those designer shoes cost more than you think! The following can be helpful in preventing this unfortunate condition from occurring:

· Wearing shoes with soft materials or open toe shoes.

· Have frequently worn shoes stretched around the toe box.

· Self-help exercises can prevent the joint from bending in an unnatural way.

· Silicone pads or foot inserts with custom orthotics can help alleviate pain.

There are several surgical treatments that may also be helpful:

· Removal of parts of the toe joint that’s stopping the deformed toe from straightening.

· Re-routing of the tendon so the toe can be straightened and ease the joint pressure.

· Shorten the bone so that extra space can be made for the toe to fill in footwear.

· Removing part of the joint, which will reduce pain and allow the bones in the toe to    grow in a natural manner.  

· Orthopedic implants can be used to fix deformities.

If you are experiencing Hammertoes, please contact our office online for an appointment or call us as soon as possible. Our doctors will know how to tailor a specific strategy for your lifestyle to best take on this condition. So, take the opportunity to get the very best treatment offered by our team.