Arthritis of the Foot can be a Long Agony

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Arthritis can set in slowly, but cause lasting pain later on. Our team at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston, located in Texas, can help to treat this condition at any one of our following locations: Northwest Houston (281) 444-4114, Northeast Houston (281) 446-7773, Tomball (281) 351-8866, Liberty Dayton (936) 336-2633, The Woodlands (936) 231-8500 and Atascocita (281) 883-4849.

Arthritis is the gradual wearing away of cartilage lining the joint. Cartlidge is what provides cushioning and is damaged with this condition because of swelling (rheumatoid arthritis) or trauma (degenerative osteoarthritis). When this happens, bones rub against each other in the joints and cause pain, rigidity and a restriction in mobility. Majority of the individuals who develop this condition are middle-aged or elderly; yet, athletes who undergo severe traumas to their joints during high intensity activities may develop post-traumatic foot arthritis. Others who could also develop this condition include those who have to stand on their feet for a living for long periods of time and have recurring physical movements.

Factors increasing the likelihood of developing foot arthritis include genetics since it plays a large role in determining whether this condition occurs and being obese since extra body weight can cause abnormal amounts of pressure on joints. Symptoms of this condition include:

  • Pain when touching
  • Inflammation of tendons around the foot’s joint
  • Stiffness
  • Hindered mobility
  • Joint deformity

Preventative tips include maintaining a normal body weight to reduce pressure on the joints, a healthy diet, utilizing safety equipment to prevent injury to joints in the foot and physical therapy by stretching. However, if this condition has been left untreated, it may require surgery via ankle fusion or total ankle replacement to remedy the deformity, both of which are dependent on the age of the injured and the level of the pain they are experiencing.

Since this condition can develop over years due to a number of risk factors, it is imperative that you try to contact us right away to help your feet have the best chance of fighting this condition away!