Calluses Should Not Be Underestimated


Calluses are build ups of dead skin on the feet can cause complications. Our team at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston, located in Texas, will do their best to treat this condition at any one of our following locations: Northwest Houston (281) 444-4114, Northeast Houston (281) 446-7773, Tomball (281) 351-8866, Liberty Dayton (936) 336-2633, The Woodlands (936) 231-8500 and Atascocita (281) 883-4849.

Calluses happen when dead skin cells buildup and thicken on the skin of the foot. They are caused by a reaction to friction. When you sustain consecutive injuries, the skin tries to protect itself from blistering and the skin cells surge in quantity to produce a denser layer of skin. Customary reasons for the formation calluses are high heels, being overweight, deformities in the foot or even flat feet. Calluses are a defense mechanism by the foot to defend the foot against high levels of stress. This condition can be painful and may bleed. When this happens on the portion of the foot that bears the most weight, this can also be extremely painful. Prevention may include:

  • wear well-fitting shoes that do not rub against the foot
  • decrease the amount of long distance running
  • try not to stand for long periods of time
  • use shoes with cushioning and wide toe boxes to reduce friction
  • file down the calluses with a pumice stone to remove layers of dead skin

Calluses can be trimmed by shaving the layers of skin with a scalpel but should not be done at home as complications can happen. Causes of this condition can be an underlying deformity or improper footwear. If an infection occurs in an area of a callus, it may need to be removed by a medical professional to prevent any additional complications. Antibiotics will likely be prescribed thereafter to kill off the infection and to prevent it from spreading. Please contact us today to get the best treatment for your calluses.