Find Success with Endoscopic Heel Surgery


Endoscopic heel surgery is an important procedure that helps to treat injuries of the plantar fascia and is often successful in doing so due to its precise nature. Our team at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston, located in Texas, can help to treat your heel at one of our following locations: Northwest Houston (281) 444-4114, Northeast Houston (281) 446-7773, Tomball (281) 351-8866, Liberty Dayton (936) 336-2633, The Woodlands (936) 231-8500 and Atascocita (281) 883-4849.

Endoscopic Heel Surgery is performed by making a tiny incision on the side of the heel and inserting an arthroscopic camera to view the plantar fascia ligament in order to operate on it and remove any heel spurs. Since Plantar fasciitis is the most common type of plantar fascia injury, this procedure is of great benefit and allows for more room and a better view to conduct the surgery, more precision as to cutting the plantar fascia and a more efficient way of removing of any spurs. Once the surgery is completed, a gauze covering is used to shield the wound and a special cast is thereafter placed on that foot.

Recovery time post-surgery initially takes about three weeks to walk normally, at which point orthotics should be used when transitioning to normal shoes. Individuals who undergo this procedure may return to work within two weeks if their job does not require a large amount of walking or standing; yet, those whose jobs do put a great amount of stress on their feet may not be able to return for up to a month.  

Complications include weakened heel tissues if excess stress is put on the feet after this procedure. Also, an infection is possible, especially if the wound area gets damp before it heals. If a ligament is not cut extensively and deep enough during surgery or if a nerve is damaged, a lingering pain may continue to be present after surgery. Due to the efficiency of this procedure and the lasting benefits it can have on your heel, please contact us right away to start treatment to help your heel get back to its normal routine.