How Will the Weather Affect My Workout?

Among New Year’s resolutions, the desire to become fit and lose weight is one of the most common. Fortunately for those of us in the North Houston area, we do not have to contend with snow, meaning that we can take our workouts outside! However, this time of year can bring some confusing weather, when it can be cloudy and rainy one day, but sunny and dry the next.

The weather determines more than just your outfit for the day—it affects how your body uses energy, consumes fluids, and cools off during your workout. The following 4 factors can significantly impact the quality of your outdoor workout:

1.      Temperature: When the temperature heats up, your body needs to use more energy to cool down. You lose most of your fluids through sweat. In low temperatures, your body tends to burn fat instead of glucose.

2.      Precipitation: A steady, soaking rain is likely to slow you down and lower your core body temperature. On the other hand, a light rain or mist on a warm day can make your workout more enjoyable.

3.      Wind: For one, a wind at your back can help shave a few seconds off your mile time, but it will also enhance your body’s ability to evaporate sweat and cool you off.

4.      Humidity: The air is saturated with moisture, making it harder for sweat to evaporate off your skin. Because your body needs to work much harder to cool down, dehydration may set in more rapidly.

Do yourself a favor and check the weather before you workout and if possible, see if there is a time with low temperatures, low humidity, and a slight breeze. The doctors at the Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston know that injuries are common when your form is affected by your energy level. If you suffered a sports injury during your workout, or are hobbled by flat feet, heel pain, or painful blisters, the doctors can help with both surgical and non-surgical solutions at any of their six offices. Contact us or call us at (281) 444-4114 with any questions or to request an appointment today!