The Benefits of Prescription Foot Orthotics

Over many years, depending on factors like our lifestyle, footwear, and body type, our feet can slowly change shape and cause us discomfort. Perhaps our arches have collapsed slightly, or excess pressure causes heel pain, or narrow shoes have resulted in bunions. Fortunately, relief is possible with prescription foot orthotics, also known as foot orthoses. Orthotics are custom-molded foot inserts that allow for maximum comfort and pain-free healing, so you can get back to doing the activities you love. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two main types of orthoses: accommodative and functional.

Accommodative Foot Orthoses

The purpose of accommodative foot orthotics is to cushion and relieve pressure from painful areas on the bottom of the feet, which may be caused by calluses, ulcerations, or bone spurs. As a result, they are made of softer, more flexible materials like cork, rubber, or plastic foam. This gives them the advantage of being more forgiving and easier to adjust if necessary. On the other hand, they may be less durable and need continuous adjustments in order to work properly.

Functional Foot Orthoses

Functional foot orthotics are used to correct abnormal foot and lower extremity function, though they can also provide pain relief like accommodative orthotics. They are often made from more rigid or semi-rigid materials in order to treat joint pain, arch pain, and tendonitis and bursitis in the ankles, knees, and hips. Therefore, they are much more durable, but are more difficult to adjust after they are prescribed.

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