Five Every Day Foot Care Tips - Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston

The feet is one of the most abused structures in the body but it doesn’t get the time and care it deserves. And continued negligence could lead to serious foot injuries. The first signs of a foot injury includes chronic pain. When this happens simple activities such as walking or standing becomes difficult. But this doesn’t need to happen. Following simple foot care habits can go a long way in preventing foot injuries. To learn more about proper foot care, consult a podiatrist. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are podiatrists who specialize in helping people suffering with disorders of the foot and ankle.

Here are the five ways on how to maintain foot health through everyday foot care:

  1. Routine hygiene. It is the most basic way of foot care. Wash and dry your feet thoroughly on a daily basis. Ensure that you also clean in between your toes and keep your toenails properly trimmed and short.
  2. Moisturize. In an instance where your feet become dry or you can observe dryness and cracking, use a foot moisturizer. Avoid applying moisturizer in between your toes. Once cream and lotion are applied on long periods of time, they can cause bacterial and fungal growth. If moisturizer is placed between your toes, it will allow the skin to soften too much.
  3. Shoes. Make sure that you have the correct size when you are picking out a pair of shoes. They should be snug, but definitely not too tight. Loose shoes may also cause foot problems. If you want to purchase a new pair of shoes, it is best if you buy them at the later part of the day since your feet has swelled and settled at its fullest size during this time.
  4. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes or flip flops often. Instead, look for shoes that are great and good for your feet. You will know a good pair of shoes if they pad the soles of your feet and if they support your arches and ankles. Shoes certainly make a difference. Shoes should not show signs of wear and tear and they should provide good support for your arches and over-all shoes.
  5. Socks. If you are wearing closed-toe shoes, it is important that you accompany it with socks. They absorb moisture and sweat from your feet especially during summer time. Without it, fungal problems and athlete’s foot may occur due to the build-up of sweat in a closed-toe shoe.

If you want to prevent foot pain and ankle pain, proper foot care is the simplest and cheapest way of prevention.  At Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston with six offices located in North Houston, TX, we specialize in helping people with foot and ankle disorders. To schedule an appointment, call 281-444-4114.