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Angelina Jolie is easily one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood today. A consistent Box Office hit, who would assume that this Hollywood superstar has flat feet. Although this is not a cause for major concern, this physical imperfection has its own downside. This foot condition can be a cause of chronic pain, but this does not appear to be slowing her down a bit.

What is a flat foot problem?

Flat foot is the absence of an arch in the sole of the feet which causes the feet to press completely flat against the ground.

Is flat feet a problem?

Flat feet if managed properly should not be a major concern. However, flat feet is also associated with these signs and symptoms that are recommended to undergo treatments:

  • Feet rolling inwards too much that can cause shoes to wear out quickly
  • Pain in the feet, lower legs, hips, ankles, knees, or lower back
  • Underlying problem with the bones, connective tissues, and muscles
  • Feet are weak, stiff, and numb
  • Feet are painful even wearing a supportive and well-fitting shoes
  • Feet appear to be getting flatter
  • Shoes wear out very quickly

Consult a podiatrist if you notice any of these symptoms. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are podiatrists who specialize in helping people suffering with foot and ankle disorders.

What causes flat feet?

  • Flat feet is a condition that can be inherited. In addition, flat feet can also be a result of:
  • Loose connective tissue throughout the body
  • The connective tissue in the foot become stretched and inflamed as a result of obesity, injury, unsupportive footwear, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • The feet bones did not form properly while in the womb
  • A condition affecting the muscles and nerves like muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or spina bifida

Treatments for flat feet

Non-surgical treatments are the preferred options but in some cases, surgery is an option.

Non-surgical treatment (check with your podiatrist first)

  1. Wearing orthotics to support your feet
  2. Lose weight if you are overweight
  3. Wearing supportive shoes that fits well
  4. If you are having discomforts, take painkillers
  5. Stretching the muscles and connective tissues

Surgery. This is normally considered if the treatments haven’t helped in treating your flat foot. Your surgeon will talk to you about the operation that you need.

Tricks to help with flat feet

Please check with your podiatrist first

  • Get the right support. You need arch support to keep your body in alignment.
  • Try to wear house shoes. Have a pair of comfy and supportive clog for indoors.
  • Give yourself a massage. Apply a little pressure to relax your tendons. A massage can also encourage the blood to flow on your feet. This will also help inflammation in your feet.
  • Stretch it out. Try to do a calf stretch against the wall for 15 seconds.

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