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Avoiding the causes of cracked feet can save you the trouble of treating cracked feet in the future. If you have problems treating stubborn cracked feet then consulting a foot specialist is your best option. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are podiatrists who specialize in helping people suffering from with skin conditions.

Cracked Heels - Causes

Cracked heels may not be classified as a medical emergency or even close to it. But if you’re planning to head to the beach this summer then you’d better make sure that you’re picture perfect, from head to toe. Unless you’re contemplating on wearing running shoes to the beach then having smooth, healthy heels is a must. So before you head out and buy those lovely pair of flip flops for your next summer outing, here are some tips on how to get rid of cracked heels quickly and naturally.

  • Wet feet – we know how keeping our feet moisturized is important in keeping our skin healthy but standing or soaking our feet in water can lead to cracked feet. Our skin losses its natural oils when soaked in water for long periods of time. More than a few minutes in the swimming pool or bath tub can get your feet all wrinkled up.
  • Dry Skin – if you have natural dry skin then a little moisturizer could work miracles in preventing cracked heels. Dry skin plus the constant friction caused by walking or running is the perfect formula for dry skin.
  • Standing for long periods – cracked feet are not only caused by skin exposed to constant friction. The pressure of your weight bearing down on your feet could also lead to excessive skin growth in your feet effort to cushion this weight.
  • Cold weather and low humidity – skin exposed to cold temperatures or low moist environments can lead to dry skin. It robs us of our natural oils which keeps our skin moisturized.
  • Aging – aging causes many changes in our body and the loss of our ability to produce natural oils can lead to cracked feet. This is evident in our skin. The development of wrinkles for example is a sign that we are losing some of our natural oil producing capability. 
  • Weight Problems – the feet and the heels in particular are unwilling recipients of our love for food. Running, walking or even standing can cause our heels to grow more skin than needed. 
  • Illness and Medical Conditions – dry skin can be symptoms of an underlying medical condition. Thyroid disease, diabetes and skin diseases can lead to dry skin and cracked feet .


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