Orthopedic Shoes for Diabetics - Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston

Being a diabetic can bring many limitations and requires extra attention to your foot’s health. But with proper foot care and the right attitude keeping complications can be easy. 

A major concern for any diabetic is keeping their feet healthy. This can lead to serious complications which requires amputation. However, this can easily be prevented with the help of your doctor and a podiatrist. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston are podiatrists who specialize in helping diabetics with foot conditions.

  • Orthopedic shoes can be a big help in keeping your feet healthy. A podiatrist may recommend this footwear to help you prevent serious foot conditions. 
  • Custom-made shoes: If you have severe deformities, custom-made shoes may be prescribed to help you deal with those deformities. Custom-made shoes can also help if your foot is casted since it can be made to give way and provide area for the cast. 
  • Shoes for healing: As the term suggests, healing shoes are used for healing which are usually used after a surgery or diabetic ulcer treatment. This is not permanent, you can resume wearing regular shoes once you have recovered from the surgery and treatment. 
  • External modification of the shoes: Modifications may be necessary to help accommodate your condition. This may include adding stabilizing and shock-absorbing materials or to completely alter the foot sole of your shoes. 

Orthoses and shoe inserts. This helps relieve pressure on your feet as well as help in shock absorption. Most diabetic patients are prescribed to use orthoses and shoe inserts because not only are they medically useful, they also provide you with more comfort than regular shoes.

These orthotic shoes are prescribed to meet several goals that will definitely help you in the process of your condition. The aims of these orthotic shoes are:

  • To restrict some joint motions that will help decrease inflammation and relieves pain
  • To lessen shock and pressure on your foot.
  • To provide relief for pressured areas that are the cause of diabetic ulcers.
  • To control deformities associated with your diabetic condition such as Charcot arthropathy.
  • To provide comfort to you amidst the condition that you are having.

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